Environmental Planning Continued:

As a core component of our business, Rocky Mountain Environmental (RMEA) provides a host of services related to Permit Applications, Inventories Analyses, Physical Analyses, Natural Factors Analyses, Wildlife Habitat Inventories, Site Planning, and Landscape Architecture. This particular blog will continue on from last blog, focusing on site planning and landscape Architecture. Look to RMEA for environmental planning.

Site Planning

Once the process of site analysis is complete, decisions regarding site development that best protect valuable and unique site features can be made. Since monetary worth is often increased by protecting those natural features that people esteem, this will typically result in a project that is environmentally responsible while increasing in value. RMEA has the expertise to propose conceptual designs that respect environmentally sensitive portions of a property, but facilitate human use in a socially responsible manner. This is what Ian McHarg used to call a “union of man and nature.”

Landscape Architecture

In concordance with a planning philosophy derived from a respect for physical and natural site factors, RMEA offers landscape architectural services that promote the enhancement of both our natural environment and the outdoor spaces that we occupy. This is accomplished by use of native and naturalized plant species and materials (fencing, stone, paving) appropriate to specific project sites. Good landscape architecture respects cultural values and context as well as the natural environment.

Let RMEA help with environmental planning.

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