Nutrient-Pathogen (NP) Studies

Rocky Mountain Environmental conducts Level 1 and Level 2 Nutrient Pathogen Studies (also known as NP Studies) as per Idaho Deptment of Environmental Quality guidance. The selection of the appropriate input parameters into these models is the most important aspect of conducting a proper NP Study. In particular, it is crucial with these models to select appropriate and defensible hydraulic conductivity and groundwater gradient values, as these parameters control the groundwater flow velocity at a site, which in turn controls the rate of waste-water contaminant attenuation. If you are in need of a Nutrient Pathogen Study in Idaho Falls, ID please contact Rocky Mountain Environmental today.


Clients are therefore best served on these projects when they have consultants with extensive experience in the subsurface characteristics of the project site area. RMEA’s geologists and hydrogeologists have that crucial regional experience.


Nutrient Pathogen Studies
Nutrient Pathogen Studies



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