Hydrologic Services

Hydrologic Services

RMEA provides a wide range of environmental services to our clients, but our specialties include:

Hydrologic Modeling of Groundwater/Surface Water Interactions
Flow Measurements and Surface Water Studies — Water Use Verification
Water Quality Studies
Groundwater Supply Evaluations, Aquifer Testing, Well Design
Services for Non-Profits and Conservation Realtors

Water right transactions often require analysis of the relationship between flow and pumping at multiple locations. Mitigation plans must be assessed to ensure that the benefits of mitigation reach the appropriate protection targets. Wetland and stream restoration projects often require analysis of water supply and the interrelationships between groundwater and surface water. Site remediation can require understanding of the sources and destinations of water moving across the surface or through the subsurface of the site. Efforts to improve water management, such as managed recharge projects, require assessment of the expected effects upon local and regional aquifers and connected surface water bodies.


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