Hydrologic Modeling of Groundwater/Surface Water Interactions

RMEA staff have participated for ten years in development and use of the Idaho Department of Water Resources’ Eastern Snake Plain Aquifer Model (versions 1.1 and 2.0). They also have experience in hydrologic analysis in the Spokane Valley/Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer and other eastern Idaho aquifer analysis efforts. Specific experience includes:


  • Operation of Eastern Snake Plain Aquifer Model
  • Construction of scenarios for Eastern Snake Plain Aquifer Model
  • Construction of semi-calibrated superposition models using MODFLOW, for basins where calibrated models are not available
  • Use of analytical methods for investigating groundwater/surface water interactions and groundwater to groundwater well interference
  • Use of GIS and remote sensing to develop robust data sets for hydrologic analysis
  • Use of water quality sampling tools and application of quality assurance and quality control methods to collect representative groundwater and surface water quality samples
  • Application of aquifer test methods, including geophysical methods, to define aquifer properties
  • Operation of the IDWR Groundwater Rights Transfer Tool and specialized analysis of cases where the tool’s capabilities are inadequate


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