Site Investigations and Remediation

RMEA has conducted successful site investigations and remediation projects at numerous sites throughout the Rocky Mountain region, and our staff have conducted such work nationwide. We have experience with the latest technologies to efficiently conduct your project, and the relationships with regional regulatory staff to get your project through the regulatory process and attain closure. Our successful projects have included regulatory closure of leaking underground storage tank (LUST) sites, hazardous materials sites, spill cleanups, and farm dump cleanups.

Many sites, most actually, are free of significant environmental concerns and no additional work is required. When additional work is needed, that work is focused solely on the specific condition/s identified in the Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA). The scope of a Phase II ESA study is therefore site specific and varies widely. Phase III ESA studies are remediation-focused investigations that follow a Phase II ESA. You can learn about the Phase III Environmental Site Assessments, which is an additional phase of site investigation focused on identifying remedial measures, and/or the implementation of actual site remediation. We utilize the latest Risk Assessment techniques to make sure that remediation is conducted only when necessary, and only to the degree necessary to achieve closure, while protecting human health and the environment.

Remediate Contaminated Groundwater

Spill Cleanup

Horizontal Boring Drill

Installing Horizontal GW Remediation Well

Excavating Contaminated Soil

Excavating Contaminated Soil

Vapor Monitoring

Vacuuming Backfill


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