Hydrologic Services continued:

Along with hydrologic modeling of groundwater/surface water interactions and flow measurements and surface water studies – water use verification, we at RMEA are pleased to specialize in water quality studies, groundwater supply evaluations, aquifer testing, well design, and services for non-profit and conservation realtors.

Water Quality Studies

Many of RMEAs projects involve water quality sampling and analysis. Our staff have many years experience with Water Quality projects throughout the region. RMEA maintains a wide range of groundwater and surface water sampling and in-field analytical equipment, including pumps of various sizes and types, water quality meters for measurement of field parameters including pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen, ORP, and conductivity, electronic water level meters, and pressure transducers for automated water-level data collection.

Groundwater Supply Evaluations, Aquifer Testing, Well Design

RMEA has conducted numerous groundwater supply projects throughout the region. These projects have included the location of high-yield wells sites, aquifer testing, permitting, and well design.

In 2007, RMEAentered into a teaming agreement with Dr. Thomas Wood of the University of Idaho and Clearwater Geosciences on groundwater supply-related projects. Dr. Wood is a recognized regional expert in the groundwater field, and, together with the staff and experience of RMEA, this partnership offers unmatched capabilities in groundwater services.

Services for Non-Profits and Conservation Realtors

RMEA supports the conservation of our precious environmental resources and considers eastern Idaho and Western Wyoming to be one of the greatest places in the U.S. for outdoor recreation. We conduct a range of services in support of regional conservation non-profits and conservation-oriented real estate firms.

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