More About RMEA Water Rights

In addition to Research, Assistance, and Documentation (as described earlier), RMEAperforms the following functions:

-Evaluation, documentation, and confirmation of the legal descriptions of real estate, and “Beneficial Use” proof as required by the IDWR. RMEAevaluates water rights for future development, re-allocation (transfers), and client transfers to other real estate. We evaluate, document, and assist clients in the selling, leasing, or legal transfer of rights to other entities.

-Evaluation of water right systems, usage, water reserves, storage, and market values.

-Providing professional expert witnesses testimony in legal water right litigation for clients in county, district, State, and U.S. courts.


RMEAevaluates, documents and confirms the legal description of real estate for the purposes of evaluating water rights. We use GPS and GIS software to determine the proximity of legal descriptions; however, we are not licensed surveyors and cannot confirm legal descriptions for boundary disputes.

RMEAcan evaluate and document the “Beneficial Use” Proof required by the IDWR. RMEAstaff member Keith Wilson worked for IDWR for 26 years performing these evaluations. We are aware of the pitfalls and problems that can arise from a poor or rash decision regarding “Beneficial Use” requests; it would be in your best interest (even if we don’t assist you) that you have expert assistance in this process.

RMEAcan evaluate water rights for future development. Not only can we evaluate existing water rights, but we may be able to locate available rights for transfer and sale to your property.

RMEAcan evaluate water rights for re-allocation which, in the State of Idaho, is to transfer a water right to another entity. Keith Wilson is an expert in this area and is one of two persons in Eastern Idaho that is capable of complex transfers (the other individual works for the IDWR and is unavailable for private consulting).

RMEAcan evaluate water rights for Transfer to other real estate. This service is core to our water right business, and we do this every working day because we know Idaho water rights laws and administrative requirements.

RMEAcan evaluate, document and assist clients in the selling, leasing, or legal transfer of water rights to another entity. We know the process, and we have strong working relationships with the individuals who process these applications when sent to the IDWR.


RMEA can examine, document, and evaluate water right systems and usage, as we have performed preliminary water right assessments for clients prior to the official IDWR examinations. It is in a client’s best interest to have this done to reduce potential loss.

RMEA can examine, document, and evaluate the water reserves, storage, and market values for our clients, as we have helped other clients locate water rights and redistribute the resources relative to their particular projects.

RMEA can measure, evaluate, and document water usage for consumptive, evaporative, return, loss, and storage. This information is integral to many types of water right transfers, and we are experts in performing this work.

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