RMEA Water Rights

RMEA staff have over 50 years of combined water right experience and are intimately familiar with all facets of the administration of water rights for the state of Idaho. We provide consulting related to new water right permits, transfers and sales of water rights, new pond applications, permits for new supply wells, permits for injection wells, and stream channel alteration permits. RMEA also performs the following functions:

*Research of water rights for prospective real estate purchases and pending water right filings, and the documentation of water priority.

*Water right filings and acquisition of water right permits.


RMEA researches water rights for prospective real estate purchases. Research projects require information such as the legal location, Township, Range, Section, and quarter section and the names of the former or recent owners. Such a “due-diligence” research study of this nature can be turned around in within a few weeks of authorization.

RMEA also researches “pending” water rights claims in order to provide a client with a detailed accounting of the pending claim. When necessary, we request assistance from experienced water right attorneys. RMEA can also research, discover, and document the water priority for a client.


RMEAassists with water right claims on behalf of our clients. Some claims require legal assistance from an attorney since claims will eventually be adjudicated. We work together with water right attorneys to our clients’ advantage, and draw from the very best talent and experience in this area.

RMEA also assists clients in filing a water right application. An “application” is not just an application; it requires specific expertise to assure success and timeliness in securing the permit that the client actually wants. With over 31 combined years of work experience amongst our staff, we are experts with Idaho Water Rights procedures and forms created and administrated by the Idaho Department of Water Resources (IDWR).

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