Rocky Mountain Environmental Associates Inc.: Specialists in Environmental Site Assessments

Located in the northern Rocky Mountain region in Idaho Falls, Idaho, the office of Rocky Mountain Environmental Associates, Inc. (RMEA) that was established in 1991 provides hydrologic services, water and environmental rights to both public and private sector clients who are in the northern Rocky Mountain region. Specializing in Idaho Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments, along with Phases 2 and 3 Environmental Site Assessments in Idaho, Rocky Mountain Environmental Associates Inc. ensures that there are important quality services provided to the public and private sectors of the state upon which people can rely. The Idaho Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments along with the Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessments provide environmental engineers information that relates to the historical uses and current condition of a property. Phase 3 begins with delineating (investigating the boundaries of where contamination exists) and quantifying volumes of soils and groundwater to be remediated.

Beginning in 1991, Rocky Mountain Environmental Associates Inc., whose office is in Idaho Falls, Idaho, has provided professional water rights, environmental site assessments in Idaho and hydrologic services to private and public sector clients in the northern Rocky Mountain region. There are three main goals of the team at RMEA:

• Providing clients with cost effective, responsive solutions
• Supplying the best project management and consulting services
• Maintaining the integrity of every relationship with clients, vendors and the regulatory community

Because maintaining a strong, viable and friendly relationship with clients ranging from large to small businesses, farmers, conservation organizations and local and state governments is essential to the success and well-being of an area, Rocky Mountain Associates, Inc. works to provide the best personalized and friendly services to a diverse range of clients that includes irrigators and farmers, state and local governments and conservation organizations. For more information about Idaho Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments, visit